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Camper Vans Renting in Barcelona

Rent one of our fantastic camper vans and enjoy a unique experience

Volkswagen California T5

Start from 95.00 € / per day
2016 Diesel 114CV Manual SV 115000KM

Volkswagen California T6

Start from 95.00 € / per day
2018 Diesel 150CV Auto DSG 1000KM

Large Volume XXL

Start from 100.00 € / per day
2018 Diesel Manual 20000

Camper Large Volume XL

Start from 100.00 € / per day
2018 Diesel 130CV Manual 6V 1800KM

Roof Tent Car

Start from 40.00 € / per day
2019 Sin Auto ilimitado

Volkswagen California T6 Black

Start from 95.00 € / per day
2018 Diesel 150CV Auto DSG 1000KM

VW Caravelle

Start from 95.00 € / per day
2019 Diesel DGS Auto 25000

VW Beach

Start from 95.00 € / per day
2019 Diesel DGS Auto 25000

Why rent a van with Vantrip?

Pet friendly

Pet Friendly.

Kilometraje ilimitado

Unlimited mileage. Only worry about enjoying yourself.

Recogida Aeropuerto

Collection and delivery service on demand at the airport in Barcelona and Sants Station in Barcelona.

Parking vehículo

You can leave your vehicle in our facilities during the rental period.

Asistencia carretera

Fully comprehensive insurance with roadside assistance in Europe and Africa.

Pack Limpieza

Cleaning pack.

Our vans are our main reference.

So you can enjoy your trip without worrying, we have the latest and most comprehensive vans in the market.

Always trusting the guarantee of quality that Volkswagen vans offer us, you can rent from our Mola van, a superb T5, to our brilliant Puigmal or Pedraforca; brand new Volkswagen T6 California vans that absorb people’s looks wherever they go.

The Volkswagen brand, since the appearance of their mythic T1 van, has always been a reference and flagship among camper vans. That’s why we always rely on keeping that characteristic and original essence within the camper world.

If you want to know more about the history of Volkswagen vans click here.

Sanitizes with O3 (Ozone)


It removes the bad smells of smoking, animal fur, cooking smells, mold and perspiration


It removes bacteria, mites, molds, fungus, spores, yeasts, pollens and it inactivates viruses.


It destroys volatile residue of chemical detergents.


It repels infesting insects such as flies, mosquitos, cockroaches, ants and bedbugs.

We think about your health.

We disinfect all vans after each rental with the certified treatment of the leading brand in the Sanity System. Sanitizes every point of the passenger compartment including the air conditioning system. It does not use chemical products and does not generate waste.


Any questions before you rent?

Renting price includes VAT and fully comprehensive insurance with roadside assistance, plus all the necessary equipment. We also have extra equipment like: bike carriers, baby carriers, GPS navigator, chemical WC, among others. Ask about availability and conditions.
During low and middle season, the minimal rent period is 3 days, except long weekends and holidays.
During peak and special season, the minimal rent period is 7 days.
After making a reservation, you’ll need to send a copy of your DNI, ID or Passport, as well as your driver’s license via email to reservas@vantrip.es.
You must submit your original documents the day you pick up the van.
You need to make a €600 deposit, cash or credit, during the van pickup.
The deposit will be completely refunded at the end of the rent contract as long as no harm or damage due to misuse or negligence happened, both in the van’s inside or outside.
Yes, we have a closed parking lot where you can park your vehicle. This service has no cost, but it’s always under your responsibility.
Of course. Our doors are open for you in the schedule that appears in the Contact section of our website.
We recommend you call us before to ask and make sure the van you want to use is not currently on route.

The best way to enjoy the Volkswagen California

What will be your next travel route? Do you already know how to get there in a comfortable, practical and economical way? These questions can easily be answered by the Volkswagen California. A vehicle designed to satisfy your travel, entertainment and leisure needs as a couple or family.

vw t6 california
techo tienda coche home

Roof Tent Car

Do you know our roof tents? Turn your conventional car into a camper in less than 5 minutes. The fixation on the vehicle is done through 6 adaptable anchors with screws and “auto block” nuts that are mounted on any vehicle that has a minimum of two transverse rack bars of a maximum 5.5 cm in thickness. In a few steps, you transform your car into a camper in which you can sleep with all the comforts.

We’re at Ripollet, only 20 minutes away from Barcelona