There’s a wealth to explore in Europe with a diverse range of landscapes and things to visit, but we want to tell you why Spain is the best destination to have your camper adventure and why you should start your adventure from Barcelona.

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Advantages of Visiting Spain With a Campervan

Free Aires / Wild Camping

Spain is full of free ‘Aires’ (designated campervan parking areas) with services including water, waste emptying, bins and even electricity. Many towns and villages provide these facilities to attract tourism and so welcome the use of these facilities.

However, if you want a more off the beaten track experience then you can opt for wild camping. Wild camping in Spain is generally tolerated if you maintain a low profile (don’t extend your awning or put on stabilisers) and where there are no specific restrictions in the area.

Apps like park4night are useful to help you find a safe and appropriate place to park, but you should always check the local laws to be extra sure.

Incredible Weather

Boasting some of the best year-round temperatures and days of sunshine in all of Europe, Spain is certainly the place to be if you want to enjoy a warmer climate. Spain’s mild winter months make it a great destination to travel year-round, not just in the summer months. This is especially good if you want to avoid the tourist seasons or higher prices during school holidays.

Breath-taking Landscapes

Whether you’re a beach lover, avid mountain climber, desert explorer, city dweller or forest wanderer, Spain will have an area for you. In Spain, the variety from north to south and east to west is immense and no other European country can contend.

The east coast is perhaps the most varied in Spain as you travel the changing landscapes and colourful towns and cities.

Low Costs

The cost of travelling can be much cheaper in Spain; food prices and eating out, especially when you opt for local restaurants and bars; much cheaper and more authentic if you want to experience the true Spain.

Fuel costs are also generally much cheaper than places like France or Italy
, so you’ll certainly be able to go further for less while driving in Spain.

Spain has some of the best motorways in Europe, and mostly toll free! As well as being able to get to places quicker using toll-free roads, you’ll get better fuel efficiency too.


To summarise, the best things about Spain for traveling in a campervan?

  • Free services/wild camping possible
  • Weather is the most temperate in Europe
  • Nature/changing landscapes
  • Accommodating people and towns
  • Low costs (food, fuel, water etc)
  • Great roads (mostly toll free)

Why start from Barcelona?

Strategic Location

Barcelona has loads to offer for the campervan traveller. It’s a great place to visit as well as excellent location to start your camper adventure.

From Barcelona, you can travel along the eastern coastline in Spain to enjoy some of the best beach resorts in the world, head inland to explore the capital of Madrid, see the mountains of the Pyrenes and more!

If you’re feeling adventurous you can also explore other countries like Andorra, France, Switzerland or Italy.

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If you choose to rent your campervan from Barcelona, you can also benefit from cheap flights to and from the city. On Skyscanner you can find flights from London to Barcelona from as low as £21 per person!

Exploring the City

Barcelona has a few central places to park if you want to explore the city by foot. If you head toward the beached you can find free places to park (regular sized spaces, so smaller campervans only) or cheap metered ones.

Montjuic is about a 20 min walk to the city that has lots of parking and next to a metro station if you want to be in the centre quicker.

A great way to get around the city and beaches is by bicycle if you have your own or you can rent from the centre. For a more secure place to park then opt for a paid RV park, there’s a few around so check your park4night app to see what’s best for you.

Once you’re in the centre, you can explore some of the top attractions such as the Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas and the beach! Check out the food market Mercado de La Boqueria just off Las Ramblas to stock up on tasty food for the trip.


To summarise, here is why you should start from Barcelona:

  • Cheap and easy to get to (by car or by flight)
  • Near other countries including Andorra, France and Italy
  • Key position to experience diverse landscapes
  • Loads to do in the city of Barcelona
  • Great facilities in and around Barcelona for campervans

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