Campervan Rental Barcelona

If you are thinking about campervan rental in Barcelona, you are in the rigt place because renting a campervan is an excellent idea to go down the city and its surroundings . ⇨ ⇨ ⇨ Visit our complete catalogue of vans.

In the next article, you will find all the things you need to know about campervan rental in Barcelona so you could enjoy your next vacation in a quiet, familiar and funny way.

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The majority of people have a wrong idea about familiar campervans and they don’t know the right process about renting one of them. The ideal is to find a rental place near to your locality to make the rental process and the delivery easier.

Renting a campervan in Barcelona allows you to make big and funny routes through country roads. You only need to pack all the things you consider necessary and take a video camera or your intelligent mobile so you can keep memories of your funny trip.

Why renting a campervan in Barcelona?

Renting a campervan in Barcelona can be an alternative to your conventional holidays. If you are tired of long trips by plane or boat and you want to travel but in a more relaxed way, this is an excellent option.
With this campervan you can have all your house conveniences, but inside the car. It’s perfect for every member of your family because these vans have a lot of space and you have all the amenities that you can imagine inside of it: kitchen, bathroom, pieces of furniture, even a tv.

If you are a good driver and you need a journey from Barcelona, this is a good way to do it.

Among the advantatges that this kind of trips have, we can underline that you would save a lot of money. You will have all you need into your vehicle. You will only have to stop to know great places and have fun. No need to book expensive hotel rooms or restaurants because you will have everything by renting a campervan in Barcelona.

Which is the difference between renting a campervan and renting a van

The majority of people who don’t know about it think that renting a campervan and renting a van are the same thing. But the truth is that they are totally wrong, because there are a lot of differences between these two vehicles.

Campervans are totally equiped. They are family vehicles because they have beds, bathroom, kitchen and pieces of furniture. You will only need to go out of the campervan if you want to take a walk or have fun outside while, if you travel by van, you will have a large vehicle with a lot of space, but it’s a car with seats and an steering wheel.

In summary, vans are useful if you want to put a lot of people in a more comfortable car. They will have to make stops if thet want to go to the bathroom, eat or sleep.

The difference between these two things is gorgeus. However, personally we recommend you renting a campervan in Barcelona, because you can find it in your locality and campervan experience is totally different and comfortable for your family.

What can we find into a campervan?

Between the options that they can offer to you, there is a huge assortment of amenities, such as:

    -Electric kitchen
    -Good illumination
    -Chemical WC
    -Water deposit
    -Solar panels
    -Good spaces

These elements can change depending on the campervan that you choose. You would be able to discover new destinations with your family in a warm way. Perfect for long trips where you won’t have to pay for lodging. It would be like taking your house into your car.

You can see in more detail the interior of a large volume camper in this video tutorial that our friends made us live disheveled:

What can I do with a campervan in Barcelona

You will be wondering what you can do with a campervan, but the question should be answered alone. What you would be able to do with your campervan after signing the rental contract will be travel and ride through incredible roads.
There are a lot of different routes that you can take to go across Barcelona and its surroundings. This region has a lot of interesting places that you can visit. You can take a campervan for a week, or more time if you want, to go across the city.
You will avoid the traditional hustle ans bustle of common travelers, you would be able to visit the place that you want without feeling the exhaustion of travelling by airplane or by a full bus, because thanks to its amenities you will be feeling like ”at home”.

If you rent a campervan in Barcelona your family will be more connected, especially the kids will enjoy these kind of trips because they would be able to spend a lot of time with their parents discovering new places and playing all day. Go on a family camp with a campervan is an incredible and funny experience.

Going across Barcelona is an interesting way to have nice summer holidays, full of adventures. The process of renting a campervan is simple and the most interesting thing is that you can do it near to your town, if you are older that 25 and you have a two year old driver’s license.

What I need to know before renting

It’s really simple. It’s an easy process but you have to do the paperwork where you promise to take care of the van. Check that you are insured against accidents and what are the types of damages that insurance does not cover, it is essential to have a driver’s license and be over 25 years old since this is a vehicle of considerable size and in addition to this you will take passengers on board.
Also in the contract you must review the section of pets because in Vantrip it is possible to take your fuzzy family on vacation, you must review the clauses well. You should also remember that the camper is rented for days, there are several types of contract depending on how many days you want to travel, can be a week, 15 days and even more.

Steps to rent a campervan

All the information is on the website. Don’t forget to review and clarify your doubts before making the contract for more security.

1. Access from our website to the van you wish to rent, select the dates in the calendar and fill in the form with your personal details.
2. Once confirmed the availability of the van, it will be necessary to enter a pay and signal of 35% of the total value of the reservation of which you will be able to pay at the moment with credit/debit card or with bank transfer.
3. Received payment, your reservation will be confirmed.
4. Now you can go find your van in our Vantrip facilities. If you wish you can also take it to the place where you want.
5. There you will have to pay the rest of the rent, then we will give you some instructions on how it works and all the features that the van has. We can also provide routes from Barcelona if you wish.
6. and ready! The world is yours.

The price of the rental of campers can vary depending on the facilities that they have inside, some have more luxuries than others, the number of days and the type of camper change the price.

What care you will need once you have rented the van

Once you have rented your family camper and have the keys in your power you should remember that as any vehicle it will need essential care, remind your family that the campervan is a vehicle which must be returned, so they can cooperate to maintain the facilities cleaned.

Can I travel with my pet?

Planning a holiday in the company of our pets has always been a difficult job, either by banning our fellow adventurers in hotels, campsites, public transportation, etc. Becoming a tedious job and often giving up and leaving our pets at home, with a family member or friend.

That’s why from Vantrip we offer you the solution of not having to worry more about your loyal friend. So, take him on a trip!