1. Cancellations and refunds
If the client needs to cancel more than 30 days in advance, the amount of the reservation will be refunded in full. In the event that it is canceled in a shorter period than the previous one, the contemplated cancellation fees will be applied.
If you cancel within 15 to 29 days before the scheduled delivery date of the vehicle, 50% of the deductible will be refunded and you will not be charged anything additional.
In the event of cancellations within 14 days before the pickup of the van will be retained 100% of the amount of the franchise.

2. Payment
At the time the reservation is confirmed, 35% of the total rental amount must be paid. This will be charged to your credit or debit card and will include all the corresponding fees. The proof of transfer must be presented to make the reservation effective.
The exchange rates will be those of the concrete means of payment.
The franchise must be charged on a credit card (Visa or Mastercard). At the time of delivery the corresponding amount will be blocked, deductible in case of theft or accident. The amount will be unlocked at the end of the rental in case there is no damage.

3. Duration of the rental.
Late pickups or early refunds not agreed upon do not give the right Tenant the reimbursement of the unused portion.
The deliveries or returns of vehicles after business hours, previously agreed with the Landlord, will be subject to an additional fee according to the prices of the company.

4. Pick-up and delivery schedule
The pickups or returns can be made:
– Monday to Saturday: 9: 00-13: 00 and from 15:00 to 19:00
– Sunday: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

5. Documents / driving license / minimum age
The driver must be 25 years old or older at the time of collection and must present a valid driver’s license (permit B) to drive in Europe, or an international driving license, with a minimum of two years’ seniority. In addition, you must carry with you a valid National Identity Document or passport, and a credit card, of which you are the holder, to pay the rental franchise.


1. Vehicle conditions
The lessee must acknowledge having received the vehicle and the additional elements rented correctly cleaned and with all the corresponding characteristics. In addition, the tenant must return the vehicle in clean conditions, with the gas tank full (same as when it was collected) and with all the elements functioning in the appropriate manner. All this must be carried out at the agreed time, date and place. If all the above is not fulfilled, the appropriate charges will be carried out according to the company’s prices. If any item is lost or damaged, the amount will be charged to the tenant.

2. Documents
A valid driver’s license, ID or passport and a credit card are required, which must be presented when picking up the van and when signing the rental contract. It is the responsibility of the lessee to hold a valid driving license for Europe. The tenant must be over 25 years old.

3. Vehicle use
While the rental lasts, the tenant will not be able to:
– Allow the vehicle to be driven by an unidentified person in the rental agreement
– Driving recklessly or dangerously
– Allow driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs
– You leave the keys inside the vehicle without occupants
– Damaging it by immersing it in water, putting it in contact with salty water or driving it to
through flooded areas, on the beach or in dirty streets
– Use it for races, competitions or any illegal activity
– Use it to tow another vehicle
– Use it to transport passengers or goods by contract or reward
– Use it to transport volatile liquids, gases, explosives or other materials
corrosive or flammable

4. Roadside assistance and technical issues
If during the rental there is a problem related to the vehicle or its equipment, you must inform the company leaving room for action. In case you need roadside assistance, first inform the company to try to solve the situation. The assistance service will cover any technical or mechanical defective operation of the vehicle.
Now, there are a number of situations not covered by insurance:
– Towing the vehicle due to lack of fuel.
– Loss of keys, theft or damage.
– Damage to the batteries due to improper use of the batteries or the equipment connected to them.
– Vehicle jam on a road in poor condition or off road.
– Malfunctions caused by the customer’s negligence.
– Assistance needed to change deflated tires.
The company provides 24 hour roadside assistance, although delays may arise outside of business hours. If there is a defective operation of the vehicle, the customer can not make any modifications or repairs on it.
In case of mechanical breakdown or accident in which a repair can not be carried out on site, the company will provide a trailer to transport it to the nearest workshop or warehouse.

5. Protection
The company does not accept responsibility for personal injuries during the rental. In addition, it is recommended not to leave personal items or items of value inside the vehicle, while the tenant is absent. The rental company will not be responsible for loss or theft of personal objects during the rental period, not for damage to the vehicle due to vandalism / theft, or damage caused by accidents or weather conditions.

6. Insurance coverage
The vehicle is insured against third-party vehicles and property damage. The insurance will be valid in any European territory, as well as in Africa. If an accident or damage occurs outside these territories, the lessee will be responsible for these, along with the costs of repair or transfer, as well as administrative costs. The insurance will cover during the duration of the rental period and not outside it. If the damage occurs outside of this, the tenant should be held responsible for it.
The lessee is responsible for any damage that occurs while the vehicle is in the amount of the security deposit. Any insurance option will cover the first accident, incident or damage. If more than one occurs during the rental period, the tenant will bear the total costs.
The total amount of the franchise can be reduced if a higher insurance is contracted. 7. Accidents / damage to the vehicle / theft
In the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle, the tenant must:

1) Inform the rental company and the authorities
2) Take photographs and obtain the names and addresses of the people involved, as well
as witnesses to document what happened
3) Complete the accident report
4) Do not leave the vehicle without seeing all the measures related to your
5) Do not assume any liability or plead guilty in the case of an accident
that can make the rental company responsible
6) Collect the accident reports signed by the parties involved and the documents
of the police authorities, together with the keys of the vehicle, sending everything to the rental company

8. Exceptions
The leasing company will not be responsible for the damages or costs incurred in case of:

– Violation of a contract clause
Conducted intentionally, the effects of alcohol, drugs or substances that reduce driving capacity
– Loss, damage or theft of personal items
– Neglected or reckless conduct that leads the driver to violate local traffic rules, causing damage to the vehicle or to a foreign vehicle
– Need to recover the vehicle from a restricted area
– Need to recover the keys in case of loss, damage or other
– Driving of the vehicle by drivers not identified in the contract or without a driving license
– Incorrect use of fuel
– Damage under the vehicle body or above the windshield line, if there is no collision with third parties
– Damage caused by the run over of an animal while driving

9. Return of the vehicle
The leased vehicle must be returned to the rental company at the agreed place, date and time. To request a change in these, you must contact the company and receive your approval. If the vehicle is not returned to an employee of the company, the lessee will be responsible for any possible damage.
In relation to the equipment of the vans, you must return the vehicle with all the extras it had at the time of collection. If this is not the case, the tenant must pay for the elements or elements according to the tariff.
The vehicle must be returned clean. If not, a cleaning fee of € 100 will be charged. Likewise, they must be returned with a full gas tank. If it is not returned under these conditions, the tenant must pay the full amount of the deposit, as well as a penalty for breach of the contract conditions.

10. Liability / security deposit and payments after rental
The deposit of the franchise can only be made by credit card which must be a person present at the time of collection. The corresponding amount according to insurance will be retained until the return of the vehicle at the end of the rental after the inspection of this made by a member of the company who will find that it is in similar conditions to when it was collected. If any damage is found, the proportional part of the franchise will be charged.
In the event of an accident in which the lessee does not consider himself responsible, the leasing company will retain the entire franchise until the insurance company establishes who was responsible.
In the event of not being able to calculate the cost of the damages at the time of the return of the vehicle, the total of the franchise will be retained and, later, having the actual cost information, the difference will be returned, assuming that the cost of the the repair is less than the amount paid.
The rental company will inform the tenant of any irregularity that occurred during the rental period, such as parking fines, fines, penalties for traffic violations, tolls … In the case of a legal dispute related in some way to the rental agreement, the parties agree and agree to be governed by the jurisdiction of the place of collection of the vehicle.

11. Contract and guarantees of the tenant
The contract constitutes the total agreement of the parties and the charges will be calculated according to the contract and the Terms and Conditions. Once the tenant reserves and pays the deposit, he accepts the Terms and Conditions of the contractual relationship. In addition, the tenant will ensure that all information provided is true.

12. Vehicles and brands
If, for any reason unrelated to the rental company, such as delay in the previous tenant, accident, theft, breakdown or other situation that jeopardizes the delivery of the agreed vehicle, it is not possible to make the delivery on the date and / or stipulated hours, the company may: a) deliver to the lessee a vehicle of similar category or model; b) provide a full refund of the amount paid.